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Müttley Crüe refuses to de-mat coats if they will cause stress or pain, this decision will be made under my discretion. I will remove matted and tangled coats as a clip off because it is the most humane way, this complies with the Animal Welfare Act (animals should be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease). Severe matting can cause a range of skin and health problems for your dog. Müttley Crüe are not responsible for any pre-existing conditions due to the matting or any post-grooming effects. 
An estimate of time and cost will be given at the start of the groom but may increase due to clipping off being a long procedure that causes more wear on equipment than a regular groom.


My number one priority is the welfare of your dog. If your dog gets stressed at any point in the groom I will do my best to find an alternative method.

If I find any pre-existing health problems during the groom I will inform you and suggest that you seek veterinary advice if needed. I will make notes on the problem if you need any information for your vet.

Although it is highly unlikely, accidents can happen during grooming. If an accident happens then you will receive a discount on your groom. If your dog requires veterinary assistance during the groom due to a serious medical issue or a grooming related accident then you authorise us to do so. You also agree to pay the Vet bills.

If your dog has fleas there will be a £10 charge and I will bath them in flea shampoo. If your dog has a tick I will remove them for you and there will be a £2 charge.


Appointments require a non refundable £10 deposit. Please be on time, if you’re over 15 minutes late then your appointment may be classed as missed. The £10 deposit will have to be paid to rebook. Please give a minimum of 24 hours if you are unable to make your appointment. The £10 deposit will have to be paid to rebook if you cancel under 24 hours before or if you don’t show up to your appointment. If you’re over 30 minutes late picking up your dog additional charges will occur.


Please let me know of any behavioural issues that your dog may have; any aggressive behaviour or if they have ever bitten. I reserve my right to refuse the groom or send them home if they are a risk to themselves or myself. I will charge for any grooming I am able to do before I sent the dog home. Under the Dangerous Dogs Act, the owner is responsible for any bites or injuries caused by their dog.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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